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My involvement

African vernacular architecture is my passion in life. The research and web sites I have completed for Zambia and Malawi are extensive, no other similar research exists for any other african country.

Zambia Vernacular Architecture

In 1997 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Zambia and had an approtunity to travel the entire country to document vernacular structures. The web site is an in depth look containing pictures, sketches and 3D models.r

Malawi Vernacular Architecture

In September, 2014 I traveled to Malawi to spend three weeks traveling the entire country. Over 300 villages/ homesteads were visited, interviewed home owners and took pictures and videos. The web page contains over 4,700 pictures.r

Xhosa Vernacular Architecture

I collaborated with the Open Heritage organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Together we comprised a grant application to document Xhosa vernacular architecture. The funding was from the National Heritage Council of South Africa. Research was conducted over 3 weeks and covered the Eastern Province. 2,400 images were taken and is now on line.

Swaziland Vernacular Architecture

In August, 2014 I traveled to Swaziland with no budget for transportation to document vernacular structures. Through luck of meeting some special people, I was able to document a small amount. I hope to return to conduct a proper research project.r

African Vernacular Architecture Data Base

Due to the lack of information, including images, I have started a data base. Every country in Africa is represented and it is the hope that people in country will contribute images to help the data base grow.r

Documentation Animation

I raised funding for the Malawi research using Indie Gogo. I created this animation to explain the project. The animation is 1,500+ sketches.r

Jon (Twingi) Sojkowski

Jon is a registered architect living in South Carolina, USA. His passion for African vernacular architecture began while living in a mud hut as a Peace Corps volunteer. He is actively searching further possibilities for further research.r

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